30 November 2010

Host Info - Boot Parameters

Now entering the batter's box of the 'host info' series, boot parameters
of a running host.  Our lineup of hosts and "stats" are:
        HOSTS:          snorkle (sunhost), tux (linhost), beastie (bsdhost)

28 November 2010

Trust, But Verify

In setting up this blog, my intention has been to submit posts that are
technically sound and accurate.  The posts could then serve me in the
future as reference and hopefully be of service to others.  A comment I
received about one of my posts caused me to go back and read thoroughly

Replacing VxVM with SVM for the rootdisk

The purpose of this post is to illustrate how to replace Veritas Volume
Manager (VxVM) with Sun Volume Manager (SVM) for control of the root disk
while leaving application volumes under VxVM control.  I had originally
tested this against Solaris 9 sparc running VxVM 4.0, though have updated

24 November 2010

Host Info - Network Interfaces

As part of the 'host info' series, we're on to network interfaces.
I know, can't be too hard, run 'ifconfig'.  That's fine if you want IP
(layer 3) related information, but what about layer 2 details?  To get
link status, associated interface speed, duplex, and VLAN tagging

22 November 2010

Overlaid Mount Problem

In UNIX environments, it's not uncommon to see various file systems (FS)
mounted, be it local storage, fiber attached from a SAN, network based
like NFS, etc.  These mounts may be exist for any number of reasons,
such as application data, user home directories, additional log space,

19 November 2010

VLAN Tagged Interfaces (Linux)

A while back, I wrote on how to setup VLAN tagged interfaces on Solaris
and FreeBSD.  Though I've also needed to set them up under Linux, I
never seemed to get around to writing up how to do so.  To remedy this,
the following are our setup details:

17 November 2010

Host Info - Disks

Continuing the 'host info' series, we check out what disks are presented
to the system.  As usual, the details of our hosts are:
        HOSTS:          snorkle (sunhost), tux (linhost), beastie (bsdhost)

15 November 2010

Host Info - CPUs

Following up on memory in the 'host info' series is CPUs.  As with memory,
the details of our hosts are:
        HOSTS:          snorkle (sunhost), tux (linhost), beastie (bsdhost)

13 November 2010

Host Info - Memory

This post on memory is the first in a series on how to retrieve various
bits of host information from Solaris, Linux, and FreeBSD.  The OS
details are:

09 November 2010

Removing / Recovering an Open File (Linux)

Following up on "Removing / Recovering an Open File (Solaris)," the aim
here is to do the same with Linux.  The setup is the same, wherein a
'tail' is run in another terminal to hold open a file descriptor to a
file, while said file is accidentally removed.  Though the following

07 November 2010

new tools

The following new utilities have been posted to the 'Tools' page:

     getldp.pl -- determine device information for what a network interface is 
            connected to by way of reading CDP or LLDP packets

06 November 2010

Identifying DMP Subpaths in Solaris

Recently I stumbled across one of my notes detailing a quick way to
identify the underlying subpaths supporting VxDMP devices:
        frost [0] /usr/sbin/vxdisk path

03 November 2010

Free Space and Inodes

Have you ever exhausted capacity on a volume when it still shows storage
space available?  The following details such a situation where the
intention is to simply copy some man pages into a directory.

01 November 2010

Logical Disk Names In Solaris

Anyone familiar with Solaris instantly recognizes c1t3d0s4 and that
it identifies slice 4 on disk c1t3d0.  That's great, but what does the
rest mean.  On other UNIX OSes, you might get sdb3 or da2s1a to identify
a disk slice / partition and have to use a variety of means to determine