27 March 2011

Finding Open Files in Linux

Finding open files in Linux is quite similar to finding them in FreeBSD
and Solaris.  Here, we'll specifically identify open files on a particular
filesystem (FS) within a Linux environment.  Our host details this
time are:

25 March 2011

Finding Open Files in FreeBSD

Following up the same in Solaris, here's how to identify open files on
a particular filesystem (FS) in a FreeBSD environment.  Our host details
for this are:

23 March 2011

Finding Open Files in Solaris

During a recent discussion, another sysadmin asked that I write him a
tool to identify any open files on a particular file system (FS) in a
Solaris environment.  Rather than reinvent the wheel, I provided him
with the steps outlined here.  Our host details are:

17 March 2011

updated utility, getldp.pl

An updated version of 'getldp.pl', v0.1.5, is now available on the
Tools page.  This version now appropriately handles VLAN tagged (802.1q)
CDP packets and includes output for duplex, 802.1q priority, and VLAN ID
(assuming the fields are present in the CDP packets):

15 March 2011

Converting inet_aton and inet_ntoa

At some point or another, you've probably stumbled upon the 'inet_aton'
and 'inet_ntoa' functions.  Perhaps you have used them in programming,
or maybe for a MySQL statement, etc.  Briefly, for those not familiar
with either function, 'inet_aton' takes an IP address ( and

03 March 2011

Configuring NFS in FreeBSD

Having written up Solaris and Linux, it's time to take a look at
configuring NFS in FreeBSD.  Briefly, NFS (network file system) provides
access to remote filesystems which appear similar to local resources
on client hosts.  The following focuses on simple NFS server and client