17 March 2011

updated utility, getldp.pl

An updated version of 'getldp.pl', v0.1.5, is now available on the
Tools page.  This version now appropriately handles VLAN tagged (802.1q)
CDP packets and includes output for duplex, 802.1q priority, and VLAN ID
(assuming the fields are present in the CDP packets):
        snorkle [0] getldp.pl -i packet-captures/new.cap -x
        Watching for CDP packet on pack-cap/1.pcap for 60 seconds...
          device-id:    svcs.4948
          platform:     cisco WS-C4948
          port-id:      GigabitEthernet1/8
          duplex:       Full
          native-vlan:  32
          CDPversion:   2
          priority:     7
          vlanID:       77
Also, as seen above, 'getldp.pl' will now handle input from either
saved packet captures or reading directly from a specified interface.
The "-i" option will handle both input types, testing for the existence
of a specified file and defaulting to an interface if no file is found.
Finally, LLDP packet captures now function again using either 'snoop'
(Solaris) or 'tcpdump' (Linux, FreeBSD, etc), whereas previously, only
'tcpdump' was functioning.

For further details of 'getldp.pl', please see the Tools page.

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