26 May 2011

Replicating a ZFS FS Between Hosts

Occasionally, it can be useful to fully replicate a volume of data from
one host to another.  Perhaps you need to mirror a production filesystem
(FS) for use in development, need a sane backup, etc.  The following
describes one way of doing this using ZFS.  Additionally, we're going

19 May 2011

Replacing a Failed SVM Disk

At some point, everyone deal's with a disk failure, as I had to do
recently.  In this case, it was a root disk.  Thankfully, however,
it was mirrored with SVM (Solaris Volume Manager).  Unfortunately, disk
failures aren't the type of thing that should happen too frequently so

17 May 2011

Sending Messages to Users

Recently while working on a problem with someone else, I needed to have
them run a series of commands with specific options.  Since we were
both working remotely, it wasn't as simple as telling them to look
over my shoulder.  Though I tried telling them the commands over the