10 December 2011

updated utility, getldp.pl v0.1.6

An updated version of 'getldp.pl', v0.1.6, is now available on the
Tools page.  This version adds details of the sending host including
OS version (CDP only), device capabilities, and management address
(assuming those fields are in the CDP / LLDP packets):
    CDP sample:
        prompt# getldp.pl -i packet-captures/new.cap -x
        Watching for CDP packet on pack-cap/1.pcap for 60 seconds...
        device-id:    svcs.4948
        platform:     cisco WS-C4948
        sw-version:   Cisco IOS Software, Catalyst 4500 L3 Switch Software (cat4500-ENTSERVICESK9-M), \
        Version 12.2(52)SG, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)
        capabilities: L3R(router)       L2SW(switch)    IGMP(snooping)
        port-id:      GigabitEthernet1/8
        duplex:       Full
        native-vlan:  15
        CDPversion:   2
        priority:     7
        vlanID:       77

    LLDP sample:
        prompt# getldp.pl -i eth0 -l -xs
        Watching for LLDP packet on eth0 for 60 seconds...
          device-id:             hwaddr:  00:13:21:4c:da:e3
           platform:                val:  ProCurve J8762A Switch 2600-8-PWR, revision H.08.89, ROM \
        H.08.5X (/sw/code/build/fish(ts_08_5))
       capabilities:                val:  L2(bridge)    L3R(router)
            port-id:              local:  1
           portDesc:                val:  1
            sysName:                val:  ProCurve Switch 2600-8-PWR
       mgmt-address:               IPv4:
Additionally, 'getldp.pl' is now capable of running on hosts other than
Solaris, FreeBSD, or Linux.  To do so, option '-b' must be specified to
set the full path to either 'snoop' or 'tcpdump'.

For further details of 'getldp.pl', please see the Tools page.

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