17 October 2010

For what purpose?

As a UNIX engineer for the past 10 years, I've asked more than a few
questions along the way.  If I couldn't find someone with an answer, I'd
scrounge around trying to dig up an answer online or available docs. 
At the same time, I'd work by trial and error attempting to resolve my
own question.  Sometimes the question was a problem, others maybe 'what
if X', etc.  After a while, people started asking me the questions to
which I'd try to help them to the best of my ability.

As a curiosity, I started writing up various tips and tricks and passing
them on to my colleagues.  Some of the tips / tricks have been floating
around awhile, others taking a different approach to a common situation,
and a few that cover material seldomly detailed.  They ranged from short
and sweet to lengthy and complex (I believe in details).  When engineers
started asking me for either a complete list of 'my' tips that I had
planned to write and others would ask that I resend a particular tip,
I was kind of surprised.  Each of them suggested the tips were useful,
that they wanted to make sure that they had all that I would send.

So, back to the purpose of this blog.  Following in line with the tips
I would send out to my peers, I figured I'd setup something online to
retain the existing tips and add the new ones.  My colleaues would have
easy access to them as would I and if they could be of use to someone
else, all the better.  All tips / tricks posted are of my own work,
testing, and experience, unless attributed otherwise.  If you find any
of the posts helpful, feel free to let me know.