My name is Troy Dietrich and as discussed here, I had originally set up this blog for my coworkers and myself, as well as anyone else that may find its content useful.

I'm a UNIX engineer / administrator and have been since around 1999, most of which for a telecom / broadband provider in SW Ohio.  I tend to prefer Solaris as an OS, however, I've also managed similar quantities of FreeBSD and Linux servers with the random Windows server thrown in for good measure.  In addition, I've built and maintained cluster setups, virtualized environments, security configurations, NAS implementations, and have dabbled in networking.  Given my current position with a cloud computing company, my focus is now turning towards IaaS.  Within my various roles, my involvement has been in architecture and design, maintenance and administration, security implementation, and even R&D.  (R&D usually boils down to "this is what we want, see what you can figure out to make this work.  By the way, we needed it yesterday.")  As with any UNIX admin, when necessary I've written various tools to simplify tasks for others, further streamline procedures, reduce monotony, simply out of boredom, or a combination of the above.  Some of these tools you might find here on this blog.  Given the above, it's probably fair to say I quite enjoy technical challenges and problem solving, though to me, that sort of goes with the territory of UNIX administration.

Enough about me, though.  If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about the various posts on this blog or ideas for additional posts, feel free to let me know.  You can either drop a line in the comment section of a related post or, if there's not a related post, shoot me an email at 'troysunix <at> gmail <dot> com'.